modern transp klein


classic transparant klein


Asymmetric transp klein

Asymm. cutaway

asymmetric cutaway transp klein


Bosma Guitars

Lucienne van der Lans
Violin maker and spouse

de Luthiers
Violin- and Guitarmaker, Bed and Breakfast de Luthiers, Dordrecht 

Florinett AG Tonewood Switzerland
Delivers the spruce for my tops, "mondgeschlagenes Holz"

Zomertijd fotografie
The site of my photographer, Louis Haagman. 

Website ADAM
Association of Dutch Archtopmakers

Website NVMM
Nederlandse Vereniging van MuziekinstrumentenMakers

Maurice Rugebregt
Website of Maurice Rugebregt, "Maurice's sweet melodic and subtle guitar playing, coupled with the unique arrangements played passionately by the musicians results in a CD that is remarkable making each song a jewel" Julia Lo'ko
Arnhemse Fijnhouthandel